Cross Border King Dual Extra

Cross Border King Dual Extra

Receive incoming calls in Mainland China & Hong Kong For


Purchasing Information

1.  Contact Information:

(1) Retail:

(i) ChinaUnicom CUG Store


(ii)  New Egg


Toll Free Number: (800) 390-1119

(iii)  ComNet (USA) LLC.

Sales Hotline: 1-213-488-1951 ext 7209

(2) Wholesale:ChinaUnicom (Americas) Mobile Department

Sales Hotline: 1-909-987-8588 ext 258

  1. 2.      Face Vale:

HK$138.00 (US$17.76)

  1. 3.      Payment Method:

Please check China Unicom CUG Store on the website or contact Sales Hotline or China Unicom (Americas) Mobile Department. We accept US Dollar.


Product Highlights

  • Provide all-in-one service in MainlandChina, Hong Kong, Macau, andTaiwan
  • Receive incoming calls in Mainland China & HK for FREE
  • Data package can be used in MainlandChina, HK, and Macau& Taiwan
  • For making calls to Hong Kong and Mainland China, only charge HK$0.39/min when you are in Hong Kong / Mainland China, and only charge HK$0.8/min when you are inMacau.
  • Flexible online top up amount

(1)Applicable for receiving calls in Mainland China via Mainland China mobile number and in Hong Kong via Hong Kong mobile number. Otherwise, standard charge $0.39/min will be applied.

(2) Data package for Macau and Taiwan is valid on or before 30 June 2017. Data usage in Macau andTaiwanwill be charged by standard rate afterward.

(3)Only applicable for designated dialing method:

   Calling from Mainland Chinato Hong Kong: “10193 00852 plusHong Kongtelephone number”(Special promotion till 31 Dec 2016)

   Calling from Hong Kong to Mainland China: “ 86 plus MainlandChinatelephone number”

(4)Minimum online top-up amount is HK$10

Product Descriptions

Product Name

Cross Border King Dual

SIM Size

3-in-1 SIM Card (Nano/Micro/Standard)

Suggested Retail Price


Store Value


Validity Period

The SIM card is valid for 90 days after activation

Expiry Date: 30/06/2017

Data Service

Supports tethering and shares network with other connected devices

Designated operator

Mainland China: ChinaUnicom
Taiwan: FarEastTone

Japan: SoftBank

Please Read Before Use

.Please insert the SIM card into your phone and switch it on. The SIM card will be activated when you make the first call with it (exclude account inquiry and recharge hotline).

.Please retain the outer part of the SIM card for recharge and enquiry.

.For checking account and validity period, please dial    or call 66110011 (Hong Kong) / 13010200400     (MainlandChina)


  • Mobile license fee: HK $18 per month (if the service is activated on 16th or later, only HK $9 will be charged for the first month; HK $18 will be deducted on the first day of each calendar month afterward)
  • Hong Kongconnecting tone: free

Please check to get detailed information


For applying 7 / 30 days data pack, a confirmation SMS will be sent out by system. You have to restart mobile data service afterward for activating the data pack.

(1)7-day/30-day Data

Data package can only be purchased with sufficient stored value. Regardless the activation time of the first day, Cut off time is 23:59pm of the last day based onHong Kongtime. Unused data will be forfeited. Different data package cannot be purchased at the same time.

Please check to get detailed information

(2) Valid until 30/06/2017.The cut-off time will be 23:59pmHong Kongtime zone regardless of when the data package is first used

Special Terms and Conditions for the 3G Data Service (“Service”):

1) Upon successfully subscription ofDayPassorMonthPass, customer will receive a SMS confirmation and relevant service charges will be deducted from your prepaid SIM accordingly. The cutoff time for eachDayPassis 23:59pm Hong Kong time zone regardless of when theDayPassis first used.

2)Mainland China & Hong Kong Data Day Pass is provided on a per day basis.DayPasswill NOT be automatically renewed.

3)Once Month Pass is subscribed, service charges for Month Pass will be deducted automatically from your prepaid SIM on monthly basis unless you have cancelled the Month Pass. Cutoff time at 23:59pm Hong Kong time zone on the last calendar day of each month regardless of when the Month Pass is first used.

4)DayPasscannot be used in conjunction withMonthPass.

5) All unused data ofDataPasscannot be carried forward to the next and/or otherDataPass.

6) China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited reserves the right to revise or terminate the Service, and/or terms and conditions herein by SMS or by notice in with 30 days prior notice.

7) The Service is subject to our Terms and Conditions of Mobile Service and the terms and conditions of our third party suppliers.

Voice service fees (per min. unless otherwise specified)

(3)Apply to receiving incoming calls in MainlandChinawith MainlandChinaphone number and receiving incoming calls in Hong Kong withHong Kongphone number. Or standard charge $0.39/min will be applied.

(4) Remarks: – Please visit our website for charges in other roaming destinations and value added services.

– IDD is not applicable to calling designated country codes and area codes, please visit our website for details.


SMS Charges

Please check to get detailed information

Remarks: – Please set the SMS center number in the handset: +86 130 1020 1500

 – Each SMS holds 160 English or 70 Chinese characters, including punctuation and spaces. If your message exceeds this limitation, we will help you to truncate it into multiple SMS and each SMS will be charged.

–        Charges only applicable to sending SMS to Mainland ChinaorHong Kongmobile numbers.

Smart IDD Call

With Smart IDD Call service, you can make calls to your family and friends in 28 countries/areas from Hong Kong/ Mainland China/ Macau/Taiwanat discounted low rate.

.HK$10 / month (including 20 minutes Smart IDD Call)

Remarks: This value added service once activated, the monthly charge will be deducted automatically from your account on a per-month basis. All Smart IDD Calls will be charged with theHong Kongnumber call receiving charges of your location. Call minutes will be incurred once the system calls back you, which include call connection and ringtone time. If you answer the system call back, Smart IDD Call minutes should still apply regardless of whether the other party picks up the call or the line is engaged.


Call Forwarding

Diver all incoming calls to either Hong Kong / MainlandChinafixed line or mobile number.

HK $10/ month

Additional call forwarding charges:

Remarks: This value added service once activated, the monthly charge will be deducted automatically from your account on a per-month basis.

Mobile Service License Fee

HK $18 / month

Once the SIM is activated, HK $18 monthly fee will be charged immediately. (if user activates the SIM on/after

16th of the month, HK $9 monthly fee will be charged).


Important Terms of Use

.Please insert the SIM card into a cell phone with band frequency in the 900, 1800, and 2100 range. This product allows for any unlocked GSM cell phones.

.Actual connection speed can vary due to factors such as relative position between you and the base station, download server source, Internet traffic conditions, number of users, device hardware, software and other factors that may arise.

.Face time, Video call and MMS are not supported.

.China Unicom (Hong Kong) Operations Limited reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.


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