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With the emergence of newer converged services, businesses today are demanding greater performance from their networks than ever before.  China Unicom was the first carrier to successfully introduce international MPLS-VPN in China.  With our MPLS-VPN service, customers can transport IP protocols transparently over a metro, national, or international network.

MPLS simply binds and swaps label stacks to IP packets, creating a hybrid layer of data transmission.  More importantly, it allows for the creation of virtual private networks inside the shared IP environments.  China Unicom’s MPLS-VPN offering guarantees the privacy and security for information transmitted over the network, while maintaining flexibility for the delivery of differentiated services for different types of applications such as voice and video.

Global Coverage

When comparing MPLS-VPN product offerings across service providers, coverage makes the difference.  China Unicom’s vast network of international PoPs, combined with its ubiquitous China presence as well as its multiple NNI agreements with many tier-one global carriers makes China Unicom’s MPLS-VPN service offering a compelling networking option.

Key Features

  • Network Coverage:  China Unicom has established 340+ PoPs in mainland China and an additional 82 International PoPs covering Asia, Europe and the Americas
  • Network Design:  Layer 3 VPN and Layer 2 VPLS*
  • Supports 5 Class of Service Levels:  Voice, Video and Data (Bronze, Silver, Gold)
  • International Service Coverage: Delivered through comprehensive worldwide partnerships and NNI agreements with other top-tier carriers
  • Supports Multiple client-end physical interfaces:
Port Type Bit Rate (bps)
V.35 N*64k-2M
E1/CE1 (G.703 75ohm, 120ohm 2M
DS3 (G.703 75ohm) 45M
STM-1 (G.703/G.957) 155M
Ether/FE 10M/100M

Service Support

  • 24X7X365 multilingual Global NOC & Regional Operations Centers
  • Dedicated Account Management and Client Support Team
  • Service Level Guarantee
  • Network Performance Reports


  • Reduce Operational Risks
    As the first carrier to offer MPLS-VPN in China, we have extensive experience and a proven track record of performance with MPLS-VPN operations.  Our expertise with MPLS-VPN translates to a better understanding of client applications and QoS parameters resulting in higher network performance levels with lower operational risks for our customers.
  • Flexible Networking Options and Lower Operational Cost
    China Unicom’s flexible international networking options, simplified client management requirements and fully integrated One-Stop-Shopping service, provide enterprise customers with a scalable network platform with lower operating costs.
  • Support for Multiple Quality of Service Levels
    (5) Quality of Service levels offers enterprises the increased flexibility based on specific diversity and application requirements.
  • Abundant Overseas Network and Service Resources
    Through China Unicom’s own international network and comprehensive worldwide partnerships, our global MPLS-VPN service allows clients to gain access to extensive international network infrastructure, in-country facilities and committed service and support resources.
  • Managed CPE
    China Unicom offers an optional managed router service that includes procurement, configuration, installation, monitoring and ongoing maintenance.

China Unicom Domestic MPLS-VPN Network

*CUA’s MPLS-VPN offering is a Layer 3 solution

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