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Global Coverage

China World Connect IPLC service allows our customers to confidently establish their international business networks utilizing the power of our global backbone. Your high bandwidth requirements are delivered on a dedicated and permanent digital point-to-point connection, providing you with voice, data and video communication between two locations. Our International Private Leased Circuit service conveniently runs over trusted SONET and SDH architectures, providing our customers with enhanced reliability.

China Full Coverage

As the dominant carrier in China, China Unicom has built up the most advanced DWDM network with full coverage to points across the nation.

Europe to Asia Terrestrial Cables

China has a unique geographical position and advantage in providing international transmission tunnels to some in-land Asian and Eastern European countries. During the past six years, China Unicom has made significant investments in building the China-Russia, China-Mongolia, and China-Vietnams terrestrial cable systems, and signed one-stop cooperation agreements with the primary carriers in Russia, Mongolia and Vietnams. These agreements enable China Unicom to provide IPLC’s and network transmission capacity from Russia, Mongolia and Vietnams to mainland China and to our other international POPs in Hong Kong, the Americas, Europe and Asia.

This unique set of international network routes and assets has resulted in our having to significantly increase the overall capacity on the individual Asian and Eastern European network routes during the past two years to meet ever increasing client requirements.


Benefits include

  • Diverse routes through China, Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan to Europe
  • Shortest latency from Asia to Europe
  • Reliable performance
  • Capacity up to 10G
  • Fully protected rings supported

The Trans-Pacific Express (“TPE”) cable is the first next-generation undersea optical cable system directly linking the United States and China. Coupled with China Unicom’s other undersea and terrestrial cable, TPE provides multinational customers with faster speeds, increased reliability and extensive route diversity to Asia.


TPE benefits include

  • Capacity up to 5.4 Tbps
  • Shortest latency between the US and China
  • Transit to HK or Europe
  • Avoids the Japan/Taiwan earthquake zone
  • China Unicom is the largest stakeholder in this cable system
  • Two landing stations in China, Qingdao and Chongming

Summary Key Features

  • Dedicated point-to-point connection: Real-time, Reliable and Highly secure
  • Transparent transmission: Voice, Data and Video communication
  • Diverse and Redundant Network Routes
  • Low latency, Low Bit-Error and High Quality

Summary Key Benefits

  • Extensive Network Coverage

China Unicom has abundant capacity on a number of international submarine cable systems including EAC, APCN2, C2C, FLAG, CUCN, JUCN, TEA, China-Korea, China-US, Asia-European, TPE, PC-1, SAFE, and 13 other international cable systems. China Unicom is also the owner of the landing stations for the cable systems from China to Hong Kong, Mongolia, Russia and Vietnam. Additionally, as an owner of the C2C and FLAG landing stations and the owner of the largest Satellite Earth Station in China, China Unicom is also able to provide customers with direct and diverse circuit paths to allow for important network redundancy requirements.

Metrics include

  • 140,000 km of backbone fiber cable length
  • 80,000+ metro buildings lit
  • 600+ cities covered
  • 40Gbps transport available
  • Covering all Provinces in China with dominance in Northern China


Wide International Service Coverage

In addition to our own extensive 100+ country international network, we also have comprehensive agreements in place with a variety of top-tier global carrier partners. These agreements allow us to provide service to virtually every location in the world.


Flexible Services

China Unicom offers flexible service models to efficiently meet our customer’s international requirements such as Bilateral Mode and Double-end ordering and billing, to suit our customer’s cost and budget requirements. In addition, we also offer a One-Stop-Shop arrangement with single-end ordering, billing and fault reporting /management, all to improve the efficiency of our customer’s global network operations.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

China Unicom provides product specific international service level guarantees to all our customers, thereby demonstrating our commitment to delivering the highest quality of service possible.

Circuit Type Bit Rate (bps) Interface
N*64K N*64K V.35, X.21
T1 1544K/1536K G7.03 (100ohm) / V.35
E1 2048K/1984K G703 / G.704 (75ohm, 120ohm)
DS3 45M G.703 (75ohm)
STM 1/4/16 155M/622M/2.5G G.703(E) / G.957 (O)

Service Support

  • 24X7X365 multilingual Global NOC & Regional Operations Centers
  • Dedicated Account Management and Client Support Team
  • Service Level Guarantee
  • Network Performance Reports

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