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China Unicom’s International IP Transit is a carrier level service that allows our clients cost-effective access to China IP networks with various bandwidth options via our robust global Internet backbone to help reach a target audience.

Our world-class fully managed global IP backbone network offers superior reliability, diversified routing for optimal network performance and unmatched scalability. Extensive peering agreements with carrier partners allow us to provide total solutions for international carriers, ISPs, content providers, and content delivery networks.


China Unicom Offers Three Options


  • Premium quality route with one hop from US to China
  • Shortest latency to China Unicom’s backbone (AS4837)


  • Value services to the world without sacrificing quality
  • High quality route through tier 1 carriers


  • Customized to specific tier 1 carrier routes
  • Multiple selection of routes to the world
  • Alternative solution to replace existing provider


Features and Benefits

  • Over 500 Gbps IP connections with global tier1 carriers
  • Cost-effective access to China IP networks
  • Advanced IP over DWDM and Gigabit routing switch technologies
  • Outstanding network performance, low latency and packet loss rate
  • High-speed and optional solutions, multiple access speeds and network transmission paths
  • Dedicated account manager and Client support team provides customized professional solutions and superior technical support
  • High quality, reliable and diverse international network assets
  • Fully scalable IP port speeds that range from DS-1 to 10 GigE


Service Support

  • 24X7X365 multilingual Global NOC & Regional Operations Centers
  • Dedicated Account Management and Client Support Team
  • Service Level Guarantee
  • Network Performance Reports

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