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China Unicom’s vast global network covers more than 100 countries with direct connections and partnership agreements in place with more than 85 international carriers. We own capacity in a variety of international cable systems and are a member of the consortium implementing the first trans-pacific cable system, Trans Pacific Express (TPE), to link mainland China with the United States.

Some of the other cable systems we own capacity on are: China-Japan, China-Korea, FLAG, C2C, China-US, Asia-European, APCN2, Japan-US, PC-1, TPC-5, SAFE, TTC and 13 other international cable systems. China Unicom works with a variety of satellite service partners in providing satellite service to many challenging locations around the world and in meeting the offshore requirements of our clients.

We also operate a network that provides extensive coverage in China and connectivity to over ten countries and regions in the Asia-Pacific area. This network is technologically advanced and conducive to the introduction of the next generation network and 3G technologies. Our network supports a wide range of end-to-end, fixed-line telecommunications and data networking services, and enables customized products to be delivered to meet a variety of telecommunications and data network needs in “real-time”.

The network we operate consists of transport networks, service networks and support and information systems. The transport networks are primarily fiber-optic based networks covering all Mainland China and the Asia-Pacific countries and regions in which we operate, supplemented by satellite transmission and digital microwave links. The service networks, which support our basic and value-added telecommunications services, consist of our local access networks, including PHS networks, fixed-line telephone switch networks, cellular network, Internet and data service networks and intelligent networks.

The support and information systems include an operation support system and a business support system to support the reliable and effective operation of our networks. In addition, we are building an information technology network and management support system that is designed to ensure the speed and accuracy of our internal information flow.

China Unicom Domestic MPLS-VPN Network

China Unicom Domestic Full Network Coverage

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