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China Unicom is deeply committed to providing a superior client experience that exceeds expectations. We have a knowledgeable and continuously-trained team of people who understand our client’s business objectives. Our employees have a passion for delivering unparalleled support in working with our clients to meet their goals.

To ensure we deliver a consistent and superior client experience, we appoint a dedicated China Unicom team comprised of an account manager, project manager, service manager and technical support manager to collaborate with our clients and ensure their objectives are achieved. This team also works closely with our other China Unicom colleagues around the world to “champion” our client’s requirements and garner the necessary resources to meet their needs.

Our Global Network Operations Center in Beijing as well as our regional network operations centers in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and Shanghai are all fully secured locations staffed by full time, multi-lingual China Unicom personnel on a 24X7X365 basis. We employ a variety of leading edge, sophisticated network monitoring, management and reporting technology and applications at our centers with engineers and technical personnel continuously trained to remain abreast of evolving technologies. China Unicom completely manages all client service problems and maintains regular client contact providing updated status reports until a problem is cleared.

We are also very proud of our track record and work performed to support the communities where we do business. In this regard, we were pleased with a survey released last year by the Ministry of Information Industry (MII) and China’s Consumer Association (CAA) concerning the satisfaction index for telecom users in 2007. The users’ satisfaction indexes of fixed-line telephone and broadband access services of China Unicom were ranked number #1 among all carriers. This is the fifth time China Unicom has earned first place in terms of user satisfaction index. In addition, China Unicom was proud to have been selected as the exclusive fixed-line telecommunications partner in China for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.


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