China Unicom Americas embraces the opportunity to serve as your leading provider of high quality local, transport, and data product offerings and network infrastructure throughout China, Asia –Pacific, the Americas, and Europe. We provide a broad range of value-added services for our partners and customers. Additionally, China Unicom has partnered with multiple tier-one carriers to build various terrestrial cable systems directly linking Asia to Europe, including the ERMC, TEA, ERA, and EKA cable systems. These cable systems provide diverse routes through China, Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan to Europe, while maintaining the shortest latency possible.

We are deeply committed to providing superior customer service, and are proud of our experience in working with many large multi-national enterprises in meeting their complex requirements while striving to exceed their expectations.

Our products and services portfolio includes, but is not limited to:

Data Networking Services

Broadband and Internet Related Services

Voice Services

Mobile Services

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